A marvelous vaccation!!

Jessica and my trip to Norway was just marvelous, we had a great time. We had a great time with family, with friend, with each other and a lot of great fun..

The best part of it is that we did a lot and had a time to each other, time to enjoy, talk and relax. That was very good.

We went climbing a few times. We just had to as Jessica got climbing shoes as a delayed birthday present. We went one day to Hauktjern, one of the good climbing spots in the forrests surrounding Oslo. We had a great day together with Martin and his girlfriend. On our way back to Oslo we went by Jostein which had invited us all for dinner, that was a great meal! And then we left him with the dishes, what aren’t great friends for ;) Thank you Jostein!!

Then, some time later we went climbing a place called Hægefjell in Nissedal. We climbed the classic route “Via Lara”. It was a six pitch long route, beauytful view and a great challenge. We had some great days in Nissedal together with Nina, Bjørn-Åge, Helge and Martin.. We had some great climbing and we had fun swimming in the river afterwards. But the time we had in the evening, just talking and having fun with good friends was the best, it was really soothing for the soul.

We also went to the cabin up in Eggedal, we had the first day there together. Relaxing, walking in the moment and enjoying the quiet and calm. It was good to do that before the weekend, as all my dad’s brothers and sisters with partners came up. But we had a great time with them and Jessica got to meet a large portion of my family. She also got tought some norwegian and my aunts and uncles got trained their english.

We also got to meet my mums part of the family at a gathering at my mum and dads place. It wasn’t for as long as the weekend at the cabin, but it was really great to see them all again. I also got to play with my god child again and that is always a lot of fun.

Time in Oslo and the opportunity to meet all my friends there was important to me. So I boldly started with some plans for a BBQ in a park in Oslo, which is a very nice chilled out thing to do in Oslo at summer time. You should all try it if you pass by sometime. But as you probably understand things did not go exactly as planned, because it started to rain. So new plans had to be made, so fortunately there are a lot of nice pubs and bars in Oslo. So we ended up with a great evening together with a lot of friends passing by..

Rain seems to be what disturbed all our gatherings with friends as when Øyvind invited for a boattrip in Steinsfjorden we also got disturbed by rain. But we got to see the boat and went for dinner at Salt and Pepper and Bowling instead. So we had a great evening with a lot of fun, especially at the bowling court. Guess Jessica had a great time with a lot of stories during dinner as well..

But we also got to have a great time with mum, dad, my sister Heidi and her boyfriend Tom. They all came for dinner the first evening, we had a nice walk to the kingsview the next day. And of course since we stayed at mum and dad’s place we got a lot time with them and for Jessica to learn to know them. We also saw Heidi and Tom when we went to Oslo.

To all of you that we met and had a great time with, thank you for making it such a good vaccation for us. We had a really fantastic time in Norway and enjoyed the time with friends, family and each other, it wouldn’t be same without you. And a special thank to Cecilie which let us borrow her guest room for the days we had in Oslo, very much appreciated.

The last day we also had a great adventure. We went flying!! My dad gave us a flyingtrip as a gift, and the condition was that we would fly over Eggedal and the cabin. But due to the weather that was not possible, but we did have a good flight over the district and a short trip over Oslo. And the best part of it was that Jessica got to fly.. so she was really eager to take her flying lessons when she got back to the states. But it was great fun and can really be recommended. Is cool to see the places you know from the air, it gives a new perspective.


Grilling mandag 31. Juli

Ja da er jeg endelig landet trygt og godt i Norge. Hatt to deilige, rolige dager i Hønefoss så langt.. Har også rukket å få gjort endel, to turer i marka, endel shopping og ellers bare avslapning og god mat.

Men nå er det også på tide å tenke på hva vi skal gjøre resten av oppholdet her i Norge. Planene og ideene begynner å formes til noe som ser realistisk ut selv om tiden fortsatt er for kort til å få med oss alt det vi vil gjøre.

Men en av ideene som jeg var bestemt på å gjennomføre var grilling i Sofienberg parken sammen med mange venner. Og som nevnt tidsplanen begynner å ta form så nå har jeg endelig bestemt meg for at Mandag 31 Juli vil være be bra dag.

Så på mandag, still opp med mat, drikke og hva enn du kunne trenge for en hyggelig kveld i Sofienberg parken. Jeg ordner et par engangs griller, fint om noen andre tar med seg en også. Tenkte å ihvertfall være der fra seks tiden, men godt mulig at det blir tidligere enn det også.. Vi sees!!

PS: Jeg er fortsatt på mitt gamle norske mobilnummer!!

Grilling i Sofienberg parken?!??

Hei dere. Som nevnt tidligere har jeg tenkt å ta en grillkveld i Sofienberg parken. En fordi det er veldig hyggelig, med grill, øl, vin og gode venner i Sofienberg parken. To fordi det er en glimrende mulighet til å treffe flest mulig venner.

Det å treffe venner å gjøre hyggelige ting sammen er noe av det viktigste ved besøket i Norge. Skulle gjerne hatt mye tid slik at jeg kunne truffet alle en og en eller i mindre grupper. Men dessverre er det ikke tilstrekkelig med tid til det. Så hva er vel da bedre enn grilling i Sofienbergparken en ettermiddag??

Slik planene ser ut nå kommer vi til å være i Oslo ihvertfall mandag 31. Juli og tirsdag 1. August, så da tenkte jeg at en av de dagene bør det bli. Men hva passer best for dere som er og bor i Oslo? Mandag, tirsdag, begge dagene eller ikke i det hele tatt?? Du skal ihvertfall få muligheten til å si din mening på denne månedens avstemning.

Kan ikke love at resultatet blir det som passer meg best, men jeg kommer ihvertfall til å ta det til vurdering. For nærmere om dato, tid og sted følg med her på cafefrank.no eller ring/SMS eller mail meg!

Landing 26th July!! -- 20th July

26th July, less than a week to go, the day when I will land in Norway, the day I will see my Jessica again, the day I'll see mum, dad, and maybe my sister and Tom..

That will be the start of almost 2,5 weeks in Norway. 2,5 weeks which shall contain quite a bit of relaxation, time with family, time with friends and time to have fun!

I hope to see many friends while in Norway, I know two and a half week is not much and many might be on vacation. But still I hope I will manage to see quite a few of you.

I'm not sure what I got of phone numbers any more, so you are more than welcome to Call me!! But please do not call to early, at lest not the first few days..

An keep looking by for more information and new on when and where to meet..!!

Coming to Norway late July!! -- 29th June 2006

As the heading impose we're coming to Norway late July. My first visit back in more than six month's. It's been six eventful month's with a lot of changes in my life.. But I have also been thinking about Norway and been missing family, friends and the nature. So I hope to experience most of it during our short weeks there..

According to the ticket's as of today we will arrive the 25th of July. But nothing is 100% sure yet. We will stay until Saturday the 12th of July, so a bit more than two weeks. During these weeks we will meet my close family, try to meet quite a few of the rest of the family, there will be plenty of friends and some activites, mainly out in the nature and some café's in Oslo.

We will be based with my parent's in Hønefoss, but also stay in Oslo for some night's. So it should be plenty of opportunities for us to meet a fair share of my friends and our one common friend, Martin. Was thinking that we should try to do a BBQ in Sofienberg parken one evening. Will come back with a day when it gets closer and more proper plans are made. But hope many of you manage to come. Idea's and suggestion's are welcome!!

Also have plans to do some rock-climbing, biking in Nordmarka, white-water canoing, skiing, mountain walking and hopefully a lot more. But the best will be to do such activites together with friends. It seems to be quite an active time, but still we hope to just relax and enjoy the time with each other. That is the most important for the whole time together in Norway.

More on what we do and when will probably come later.. But please take contact if you have suggestion's and wishes! And hope to see you all..