Make Poverty History

This side contains links to websites owned by friends of mine. Not that many sites yet, several reasons for that. Don't remember all of them, I'm sitting online writting, probably a lot of you having a site without my knowledge (TELL ME!!), and probably other reasons that don't come to my mind this moment. But I will extend the list continuesly and as I learn to know of more sites of friends and people I know..

Nic and Nick
Language: English
Nic and Nick is originally friends of Jessica, but when I met them for the first time I felt very much included. Great people!! Their website shows a lot of their sailing, beach and ocean activities.
Jostein Søvik
Language: Norwegian
This page belong to Jostein, one of my very good friends and former flatmate. We have also shared quite a few adventures, the biggest one was when we sailed across the Atlantic together with Jostein's brother. His webpage has maybe lack a bit of update lately, but check it out anyway!

Brechje Koster
Language: Dutch (at least so far, but probalby english soon)
Brech is a good friend of mine since the World Scout Jamboree in Thailand 2002/03. This is not her private website/blog, but actually an open job application. This was something different and experimental which I really liked. Very good idea!! So you all should go and have a look.

Language: Norwegian
Thobben is a friend from off mine through scouting in Oslo. His page contains a lot of his interest, besides scouting you will also find a few good hint about mobile phones (he has worked as a mobilephone technician!)

Camilla Fahlstrøm
Languages: Norwegian/English
I know Camilla both through scouting but when she and Jostein became a couple I started to know her well. She has a very active website reflecting quite a few of her interets, take a look at her paintings!

Christian Fahlstrøm
Language: Norwegian
I know Christian mainly through his sister Camilla. He is also a very active scout in Oslo. I don't know him very well but he is a nice guy and I like talking with him those times we meet. His page is also worth a visit.